You have a wonderful blog, this is just what I was looking for :)

Well, I’m glad you like it. To be able to have it as a primary blog, I have moved over to All new content will be put there.

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thanks for the wonderful FTV mom in blue dress, she's so lovely.. any chance the FTV video is available?

She is lovely, isn’t she?

Well, you asked, I looked and did find one. It is now posted, but over on my current blog, I recommend you go follow that one as I will not be updating this one with new content.

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A little change

You may have noticed that this blog had a name change to gotlactationprime. The reason was to free up gotlactation to be the primary blog of a different account. Tumblr does not allow some things, like being able to leave replies, for blogs that are not the primary one.

So, I recommend that if you have like this, you go follow the new That is were the new items will be posted.

The lactation is kind of weak, but it is nice point of view video.

Now this is a rather intense milk fight.

I think that the bit of this that I love the most is at 1:30, where she has just a free-flowing fountain of milk and she is half-smiling, half-embarrassed. Of course, the end bit is nice … where it is shot as though she were kneeling over you … while squeezing out squirts right toward you … gazing into your eyes … the other tit is just dripping along on its own …